Local Contacts

  1. Matsubayashi-ryū Karatedō Tenyōkan Association
    Ms. Chamberlain teaches Zen and Karate at her school for martial arts in Santa Cruz, California.
  2. Sean Monaghan
    Sean Monaghan is an artist, and the owner of Bronze Works, the foundry that casts Ms. Chamberlain’s sculptures into bronze.
  3. Ichen Wu
    Ichen Wu was one of Ms. Chamberlain’s first teachers. She specializes in Taiwanese brush painting.
  4. Santa Cruz Art League
  5. Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History


  1. The Base Shop
  2. Art Stuf
  3. The Compleat Sculptor
  4. Alec Tiranti Ltd.
  5. Sculpture House
  6. Sculpture Supply Company
  7. Wayne Hansen Sculpture Tools
  8. Morris Singer Art Founders